My Words And Thoughts Are My Own And I Refuse To Censor Them.

I write about a variety of subjects. My posts center around many aspects of my life, observations and issues that effect me both directly and indirectly. Some of my posts address issues in my own life and I’m aware of the fact that what I write may be offensive or upsetting to people, whether they know me personally or not. So, in that case, what should I do? Avoid a post because someone might think it’s written about them?  I look at my blog as an online diary. While some of my words might be considered personal, sending my words out into cyberspace isn’t exactly confidential. I still consider it part of me and my thoughts and ideas. If others are interested in what I have to say, fine. If not, that’s fine too.

One of my recent posts seems to have caught the attention of someone I know personally. I honestly wasn’t speaking specifically of anyone in particular. This person obviously saw himself in my post. I could make the argument that it was a post written generally speaking, but why should I? My words and thoughts belong to me. At first I was taken back and immediately had the urge to apologize. But then I became somewhat annoyed. How self-centered it is to assume a post is specially written about someone. How dare someone put me in the position of having to explain and defend myself?

I’ve decided that if my more personal posts are taken to heart, then fine. So be it. I can’t change or control the thoughts of others. I’ve also decided that I’ll continue writing about my life and those who are in it for better or worse. Afterall, I did write several pretty scathing posts about a looney bird I had the misfortune to nanny for recently. If she regularly surfs the internet and happens to be trolling for other unsuspecting, potential nannies she might very well stumble upon my post about her. I would actually welcome the opportunity to allow her to see herself through my eyes. My words are my own and I’ll continue to put them out on the world-wide-web.

2 thoughts on “My Words And Thoughts Are My Own And I Refuse To Censor Them.

  1. It’s true – when people you know in Real Life start reading your blog, they often tend to read themselves into it. I guess that egocentrism is indeed the reason for that (and we almost all are egocentric). That’s what happens when one leaves ones diary out for other people to read:-)

    In my case I’ve tried to not give my blog address to people I know – but it’s hard, sometimes you just want to talk about it!

  2. Yes, I agree. I have given my blog address to only a few relatives & friends, but this particular person must have done some snooping (perhaps through a myspace search) because I’m certain I never gave the name or address of my blog (or my myspace page) to him. This, to me, makes the situation a tad creepy. Ahhh the perks of sending your words off into cyberspace 🙂

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