My Purse Makes Me Sick

We carry them around filled with important stuff. Big ones, small ones, over the shoulder and perched on our arms. All the essentials are “neatly” packed inside. My favorite is Vera. I love my Vera because it was a birthday gift from my wonderful daughter. Vera never gets placed anywhere but in my lap when I’m not carrying her around. She never gets carelessly tossed or put down on the floor. When I went to rainy football games, Vera was the one who was covered with my raincoat and umbrella, even when it meant I would end up getting wet instead. But, there are times when Vera stays home. I refuse to take her to work and shove her inside a crowded, smelly locker that I’m forced to share with some unknown co-worker. In that case, I opt for one of my other, cheaper purses. That’s when my purse can end up making me sick.

When we go into public restrooms, many times there are no hooks in the stalls to hang our purses. So, aside from balancing your purse on your lap while hovering over the toilet seat (for fear of catching something) we end up placing our purse on the floor beside us. As disgusting as it sounds, fecal matter does exist on public restroom floors, so it stands to reason you’re transferring this bacteria-infested poop onto the bottom of your purse. Ewww. Viruses that cause the common cold, diarrhea and other contagious germs are rampant in any public area. Even when you eat in a restaurant or fast food place you better think twice before placing your purse on the table. Germs, bacteria and viruses thrive there as well.

So, you’re out for a day of shopping and you need your purse so what do you do? Stuff everything in your pockets instead? Cover your purse in plastic? Carry it and expect that as long as you don’t chew on your purse you’re safe? Unfortunately, we touch our purses often and, chances are you’ll also end up touching your face at some point. The best defense is the same as avoiding any other virus, bacteria or germ. Wash your hands often. Use antibacterial soap or lotion. If your purse is washable then wash it on a regular basis. If it’s leather or suede use a good, safe cleaner. As long as it’s safe for the purse, spray it with an anti-bacterial spray. We spend alot of money on our purses and we love to show them off. But don’t let them be the cause of your next cold or stomach bug.

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