The Wiccan Rede and The Rule Of Three

“The Rule of Three (also threefold law or law of return) is a common tenet in Wicca. It states that both the good and the evil that one creates in the world will be returned threefold (in joy or suffering). John J. Coughlin states that, “there is a literal reward or punishment tied to one’s actions, particularly when it comes to working magic,” and that “there are many Wiccans, experienced and new alike, who view the Law of Return as an over-elaboration on the Wiccan Rede”. The Rule of Three has been compared by Karl Lembke to other ethics of reciprocity, such as the concept of karma in Dharmic religions and the Christian edict, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Matthew 7:12), also called the Golden Rule” (taken from an article in Wikipedia)

Now, having said all this, and understanding The Rule of Three, it’s sometimes difficult on a personal level to live by this rule; particularly when it comes to magic. How satisfying it would be to put just a tiny evil spell on a cheating husband, the slut sleeping with the husband or an abusive boss. Nothing major. Maybe just a little erectile disfunction, early male pattern baldness, severe flatulence experienced only during sex. But, alas (or perhaps fortunately), we have to heed Rule of Three.

So how about it? Conjured any spells to get even? Even did a little wish magic to make someone pay? How about a small love spell…since that’s manipulation of sorts? If so, did it come back on you? I’d love to know your thoughts and experiences.

3 thoughts on “The Wiccan Rede and The Rule Of Three

  1. What I don’t understand is why the Threefold Law would especially apply to MAGIC acts (such as spells and curses) – cfr. “particularly when it comes to working magic”.

    Why is a magic act more important that what someone does, simply as a human being in his/her daily life? If someone kills your child, isn’t it fair then to ask for justice? Not asking for justice in such a case COULD be interpreted as denying the bad things done to your child, and therefore to yourself. Denying a fatal thing caused to your child – it that to be considered as “good”? Is that the right way to live? It might be, IF the Threefold Law works for everything one does in life, magic or not. The Threefold Law being a law for justice, it SHOULD actually return e.g. to the murderer of your child. Otherwise in my opinion it is not a law for justice.

    The lesson we need to learn could actually be, that the Threefold Law is automatically taking care of justice in the world – and that people shouldn’t take care of this themselves. And… that therefore, they shouldn’t use spells, because there would be no need as everyone would “get what he/she deserves”.

    I haven’t used any spells yet (at least not in rituals), but yes I have asked justice for the very bad things that have been done to me. My personal observations: when I asked for justice (only in my mind – not in a ritual – no magic), then from what I can see justice indeed happened at least in most of the cases. On the other hand, I don’t suppose I have been punished for asking justice. Of course bad or less positive things happened to me in life, but I don’t believe these happened because several times before I asked for justice.

    Some examples:
    – Someone who tried to block me in my career at a certain company, who spreaded negative things about me, which had as a consequence that I was fired.
    > Her career in that company didn’t develop, and she got afterwards to lower level positions at other companies, whereas I am now far more advanced in my career than she is. E.g. in this specific case: why should I be punished for asking justice? That would not be fair. On the other hand, possibly justice would have happened even if I hadn’t asked for it, if the Threefold Law really always applies.
    – My ex-partner dropped me for another lady. He called me a certain day to say that he didn’t have time to see me, as he was busy buying presents for this lady. He didn’t have time, he didn’t have time. Never had time to see me again, and I was left behind broken. I lost half of my hair, probably because of the emotional shock.
    > He married the lady, but it became a bad marriage. He tried to get in contact with me again, but obviously we never became a couple no more.
    – A Director at another company didn’t respect me (bullying), and also insulted me as a woman (sexual harrassement). I was the new subsidiary manager at the firm, it was a startup subsidiary. Beside the bullying, moreover I hadn’t been paid for several months when finally I decided to leave. I simply asked justice by saying in my mind: “You have shamed me, and you haven’t respected me as the person who was building up you subsidiary from scratch.”
    > The Director never found a replacement for my position, even after having looked for a suitable candidate during half a year through known recruitment agencies etc. He finally decided to close down the subsidiary.

    Now maybe this “justice” that happened is all pure coincidence, but I am interested in knowing if in your experience justice USUALLY happens in the world. Does the Threefold Law also apply to bad real world acts? And have you ever been punished for asking justice? I mean really for asking only JUSTICE – eventually also with spells. After all, asking justice with a spell MIGHT not be the same as simply doing HARM with a spell: “simply doing harm”, in my opinion, would be for instance wanting to break up a couple because you want to conquer the man or the woman for yourself. In such a case, it would probably only be fair if the Threefold Law returned to the person who decided to do the spell.

    Im am interested in knowing opinions and experiences.

  2. One remark:
    When someone asks for justice in his/her mind, is it different if this person is a medium? After all, mediums might have greater mental power to send out to the person who did them wrong.

  3. Also, they say black magic only works if the victim believes in it. What is your opinion about that?? Some elements are potentially becoming unlogical here. Because this COULD eventually have as an implication, that also the returning Threefold Law only works as a boomerang on the curser…if he is afraid that it would work or if he believes it would work.

    That’s a very severe matter, with enormous consequences.

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