Selling On Etsy

Selling On Etsy Photo

Just about everyone has heard of eBay. Whether you buy or sell products and/or services online, chances are you’ve at least visited the eBay website. I was, at one time, an avid eBay seller. I had a great deal of success selling my handcrafted items and made a nice part-time income from my sales. But, over the years eBay’s rising fee costs and propensity to show favoritism towards super sellers was making it difficult for the little guy (or gal) to survive on their site. So what’s an online seller to do? Well, if you sell vintage products, handcrafted items, craft supplies or provide a unique business service Etsy might be just what you need.

Etsy: Just 20 Cents a Listing

For just .20 per item, sellers can list their products for four months (or until the item sells) in a beautifully structured, easily designable Etsy Shop. Etsy was first developed in 2005 and in just a few short years it has become a successful outlet for online sellers. And, it’s no wonder because the site attracts millions of visitors each day.

Etsy Photos and Tutorials

Sellers have the ability to include five free photos with every listing. This is an exceptionally generous deal for just .20 per listing. Etsy provides a wealth of assistance, instruction and advice on how to make listings searchable, professional and eye-catching. They truly want your shop to succeed and their comprehensive tutorials are proof positive of this fact.

If you specialize in handmade or vintage products or unique business services I urge you to give Etsy a try. There is absolutely no membership fees, so registering is FREE.


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