The Liar Test


FBI Truth Test Image

Glenn is an entrepreneur and eBook author with a few eBooks under his belt. He runs the Rentamentor Network (more on that in future articles) and says he really likes helping other people. He designed this Truth Test and says he swears by it. With his permission I’m including a brief snippet, in Glenn’s own words, here in this review:

Go to a mirror.

Answer these 3 Questions (And Remember where your eyes look as you answer.)

            1. Where is your car parked now?
2. Where do you keep your toothbrush?
3. Are you wearing shoes now?


Answer the SAME questions, but LIE.
THINK UP a new location for your car – SAY it out loud.


Notice where you’re Eyes Moved? (Totally Different Place!)

This is what border guards on Canada/Mexico border are trained
to do to Catch Smugglers, AND even if you know what they’re doing.

You can’t BEAT IT. The brain is hard-wired.

My book shows you exactly how to use this in a conversation to invisibly CATCH LIARS, and since they never know YOU KNOW. (Nobody gets ANGRY)

Amazingly helpful for the women Parents with kids & any biz owners – I get referred to.

I’m also here to answer questions. Formulate strategies.
(I can do a Free Conference Call and walk buyers thru this as an Added Value or follow up.)

I get referred all around the world – by women who FEEL their spouse or boyfriend is LYING. But want proof.

This is sort of an Unknown SECRET – But very, very VALUABLE.

Glenn’s eBook, FBI Truth Test – How to Catch a Liar in 60 Seconds, is available for purchase on his website.


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