How to Stop Acne Reinfection

Stop Acne Reinfection


Acne results from blockages of pores in our skin. Reinfection can occur when one keeps on touching the pimples and introducing bacteria. Learning ways to keep the bacteria at bay will help stop reinfection. Other than the imbalances of hormones, acne can be brought about by our level of hygiene. With a bit of care some of the breakouts can be controlled and reinfection prevented.

People who suffer from this infection often should avoid wearing the same clothes more than once. Hot water and the strongest washing detergents are the ideal choice for washing to destroy the bacteria in them. A person that sweats a lot should change the clothes more often especially if they are touching the skin. Facial and body oils in the clothes can be removed too with hot water.

Pillow cases need to be changed every three days for a person suffering from acne. This is because they will have bacteria and oils from the acne and may cause it to recur if they come into contact with the skin. A pillowcase that is filthy can spread it to other parts that were not infected.

Accessories, such as cell phones and necklaces, need to be kept clean too as another way to destroy the bacteria. Alcohol can be used to thoroughly wash them to prevent further outbreaks of the acne.

Medications for Acne
Benzoyl peroxide in the medications helps in the destruction of the bacteria and prevents acne reinfection. It is important that one avoids touching these pimples every now and then with hands that have not been cleaned. Dirt and sweat can clog the pores when one keeps touching them contributing to the addition of bacteria.

When you touch the area that is affected ensure that you do not touch other areas with the same hands if you haven’t washed them. Use a handkerchief or tissue when touching these areas to prevent the spread.
As the beddings will be washed frequently it is important to buy the ones that are cheap as the bleach and the water may damage them and one will need to replace them often. If you intend to have some of the clothes for long, then avoid using them when you have this problem. To be on the safe side and prevent reinfection you can decide to buy new items.

Reinfection of acne prevention is all in your hands. If the hygiene is not improved then the condition will persist for long and will interfere with your life. Ensure that you take care of yourself and do not use harsh products as they can dry the skin. The diet too is another way to avoid reinfection. Anything that causes these flare ups needs to be identified and eliminated. A fact to beware of is that the amounts and the food that we eat together cause the problem. If you follow these simple steps, the acne will no longer be an issue and you can enjoy a healthy skin free of acne.

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