Marc Samuels Jewelers Unfortunate Customer Service

Angry Customer Photo

Not long ago, I wrote a HubPages article discussing the art of complaining to businesses. While my article gave most businesses the benefit of the doubt and discussed how they often want to know when customer service/products/services aren’t exactly up to par, once in awhile you’ll come across a business that really doesn’t give a poop (not for lack of a better word). It was my complete displeasure to encounter one of THE WORST customer service experiences of my life (and I’m no spring chicken).

If you happen to reside in the DFW area, are in the market for some jewelry and are considering Marc Samuels Jewelers (the Grapevine Mills Mall location) I urge you to read my review. If you don’t live anywhere near here, I still urge you to read the review. It combines my usual snarky sense of humor with some head scratching information.

Here’s my Marc Samuels Jewelers review.

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