Author Blitz – Rodney St Clair Ballenden

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We’re blitzing author Rodney St Clair Ballenden on the eBook Review Gal website!

Author Bio:Rodney St Clair Ballenden Author Photo

Rodney St Clair Ballenden was born in Nairobi, Kenya, in 1947. In lieu of an academic career he chose to travel extensively through Europe, the United Sates of America and Greece. He married Colleen and returned to South Africa to settle on her family farm in the Magoebaskloof district. There he learnt organisation skills and leadership, but the call of the wild drew him away from the life of a comfortable farmer to roam the eastern boundaries of the Kruger National Park. He chose a hermit existence, placing himself in extreme situations exposed to danger and the vagaries of storm and wind.This experience revealed his inner strengths, and from his observations on the relationship between man and the wilderness, he began to write. 

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