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I’m a writer, a wife, a mother and most importantly I am a strong woman. I relocated from Brooklyn, NY to a small town in Upstate NY and am now living in North Texas. Yee haw. I never thought I’d leave NY and still miss it often. I met my current husband (a native Texan) shortly after moving here and it is for that reason I choose to stay. I have 3 beautiful, self-reliant children whom I love dearly. I enjoy writing about everything and anything and see humor in it all. I truly believe one needs a sense of humor to get through this crazy life. I am part of a team  of talented professionals and invite you to visit our business site. I also promote Indie authors and their awesome books via my eBook Review Gal and My Book Tour websites.

I enjoy writing about things that are important to me and enjoy reading other posts. Everyone has a story that needs to be told…cries out to be told. Everyone is interesting in some way or another. We can learn a lot from one another…as long as we’re willing to stop and listen long enough to truly hear.    ~Lovesleftovers~

***Please, if you mention my blog or a blog post in your own writing I simply ask that you include a link back to my blog. It takes me time to write, edit, post and answer comments and I would greatly appreciate the recognition. I have seen my blog mentioned many times in other writings without links back to my blog. That, in my opinion, is just about as bad as plagiarism and that’s a no-no in my book. It’s unfair to me as a writer. So if you like it and mention it in your own writing please give me proper credit. Thanks!

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