10 ways to tell if you are turning into a depressed Atlantic Puffin…

Thought Scratchings

1)      You are persistently sad, anxious and feel empty inside. Invisible even – this, despite noticing that your nose turns a brilliant orange when thinking about sex.

2)      You find yourself taking long baths and, during these baths, you push the water away from you so the water comes back in small waves. Despite sitting in small waves of your own making, you feel hopeless and pessimistic.

3)      You visit the local swimming pool, and discover you can fly like a bird underwater. This should be amazing. Or at least petrifying. Instead you feel guilty and worthless. You take a hot shower for an hour afterwards, and later consider cutting yourself with a sharp blade, to feel something again.

4)      You have a loss of interest and pleasure in hobbies you once enjoyed, like sex. Instead of masturbating to online porn, you find yourself pecking small herrings out of your…

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WordPress Awards Build a Supportive Community

Wayne Dyer Quote

This is just a brief post to address WordPress awards. I was recently nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by my fellow WordPress blogger, Valeriu dg Barbu and was happy to participate. Although I currently have many irons in the fire, I decided it was worth the effort to join in, post my award and nominate 15 of the bloggers I was currently following (there have been several more wonderful bloggers since then). I truly believe that it’s important to network and encourage other writers in order to build a supportive writing community. Thanks so much to those of you who responded and decided to participate as well. I know it takes a certain amount of time and I truly appreciate your taking that time out of your busy schedules to join in.  I wanted to do this as a way to let you to know that I really am following you, and not simply clicking the follow button. I hope everyone’s day is filled with Peace, Love and Happiness!

Confessions of a Neat Freak

My Name is Susan and I’m a Neat Freak

I’ve always been a neat and tidy person. I take great comfort in being in an organized and orderly environment. Therapists would surely say it’s my way of controlling my surroundings –  something that often bubbles to the surface particularly when my life seems to be slightly out of control.

For the life of my I can’t figure out why other people aren’t the same way. Why wouldn’t everyone want to live like this? And why in the heck did I marry someone who is the exact opposite? Was I secretly trying to punish myself? So many questions…

The hardest thing for me is that I have to remind myself constantly that other people aren’t deliberately messy just to annoy me. Coffee spills, piles of discarded dirty clothes, muddy shoes trampled across my freshly vacuumed floor, really bad toilet aim…the list goes on and on. I take all of these actions as personal slaps in my face, yet should I?

I’m obsessively clean and have neither the intention, nor inclination to change…I can accept that. I embrace it. He’s obsessively messy…do I have to accept that? Isn’t obsessively clean so much better than obsessively dirty anyway?