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Unrequited Love

“Unrequited Love”

That’s it! We’re through!
You’ve let me down for the last time!
You promised so much, but delivered so little.
I poured my heart out to you.
I trusted you to cherish my words and keep them safe.
But you tossed them out as though they never existed.
Over and over again I gave you another chance.
Time and again, I was willing to start over.
You taunted and teased me. You led me to believe you’d stay.
Those with an opinion said, “Give it a chance, it’ll work out”
But some said, “Forget it, go back to what’s familiar and comfortable”
I took a chance on you and you failed me.
But this time I saw it coming.
I noticed the same telltale signs. The erratic behavior.
The slow responses to my requests. So I readied myself for the crash.
This time I outsmarted you. I was prepared.
I stole everything and hid it where you’d never find it.
So where am I now?
Shall I go back to the old, familiar and reliable?
It’s true my choices are few and limited.
I thought I once loved you Vista, but you’ve forced me to go back to XP.

~Eliza Valenzuela-Carr    ©2008