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Transcending Anger by Charles Dittell Goodreads Book Review

Transcending Anger: A handbook for those who wish to give up angerTranscending Anger: A handbook for those who wish to give up anger by Charles Dittell
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From the start, I knew Transcending Anger was no ordinary self-help book. Author, Charles Dittell comes across as someone who practices what he preaches. The story in the book’s opening chapter, The Cherokee Story of Two Wolves, had me hooked from the start.

Charles Dittell explains the difference between managing anger and transcending anger. Once you understand the difference, you’ll see how much more advantageous and desirable the latter is.

Anger is a truly harmful emotion with a variety of negative results. When we react to frustrating situations with anger, we run the risk of experiencing a host of difficulties: health issues and illness, job loss (which in turn can affect our financial situation), relationship problems, and the very real possibility of reducing our chances of realizing our life goals. Transcending Anger addresses all of these negative aspects, and much more.

Transcending Anger isn’t a long, drawn out, expensive manual. It’s never boring or technical. It’s a manageable, engaging and concise how-to booklet, which can be put to constructive use immediately. The worksheets are an invaluable resource to be used for personal assessment and progress tracking. Additionally, and despite the name, Transcending Anger isn’t just for transcending anger either; Charles Dittell explains how once the techniques are implemented successfully, they can be easily used to transcend other negative behaviors.

Charles Dittell has also graciously included a thorough reference section at the end of the book, which contains an extensive list of additional resources, should the reader be interested in pursuing them.

I can’t say enough about Transcending Anger. I’m so glad I found it. Charles Dittell certainly knows his stuff. He does an excellent job of clearly explaining how important, yet easy, it is to rid ourselves of the damaging effects of anger once and for all. Mr. Dittell uses an assortment of information to explain his techniques. Living a more positive, happy life is important for individuals, as well as for society as a whole. Transcending Anger gives us the tools needed to achieve this.

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I Have Been Coached…

So, the day has come. I have been coached. I’ve worked at WalMart since 2004 and managed not to piss off the coaching staff, but alas the time has come. I must admit, I did make a boo-boo, however a boo-boo that TWO Assistant Managers were called in on, could have easily rectified, but did not. Unfortunately it was I who bore the brunt of the error and received the dreaded written coaching.

It had been my understanding that a coaching was supposed to to take place within the first 24 hours of the infraction. But mine took place well over a month later. I’ve been told by concerned and sympathetic associates that I should take my case to the district manager. I’m reluctant to do this because I’m smart  enough to know if WalMart’s management gets pissed they’ll find any way imaginable to make your life hell and force you to quit. Rather than making any waves I chose to take my punishment and keep my mouth shut. What a good little associate I am.

So, now I sit (or stand, for we are never allowed to sit unless we are on break or on the toilet) waiting for the other shoe to drop. Praying I won’t make any mistakes, clock in late, clock out early, get sick for more that a day, or any one of numerous reasons to turn my written coaching into a “D” day whereupon I will be sent home to write my letter pleading to keep my job. I need this job. I can’t quit. But it’s difficult to work when I’m in constant fear of doing something that would warrant a coaching and thus lose my job. And why, might you ask, did I go right to a written coaching? I didn’t. I actually received a verbal coaching this past December. And what was my infraction? I had the nerve to go 20 minutes over my scheduled hours…not overtime mind you…not more than 40 hours…just simply 20 minutes over my scheduled 30 hours.

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