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Write a Guest PostI’m always looking for talented writer’s to post on our blogs and websites. Guest blogging helps everyone. You get the byline while get exposure for your writing. I get the opportunity to include material that might not exactly be my area of “expertise”. This particular blog is so ecclectic and varied that it would be pretty hard not to have your writing fit in somehow.  I’ll respond ASAP to all queries. You can submit the form at the bottom of this page. Be sure to include a link to your current writing samples if you have any. Here’s some stuff to keep in mind:

1. Posts should be YOUR ORIGINAL content. Please don’t repost articles from your blog and no plagiarism.
2. You may link to your blog or website as long as it is unoffensive in nature.
3. No excessive profanity.
4. No pornography please.
5. Poorly Written Posts: Please proofread your articles. A few misspellings and grammatical errors are understandable and fixable.
6. Posts need to beneficial in some way to the reader and must contain more than just pictures, graphics, or videos.
7. Please do not use affiliate links in your posts.

General Terms and Conditions

All content submitted to lovesleftovers.com by guest bloggers will be published only after it has gone through an editorial process that may or may not require changes to the original content.
All content submitted to lovesleftovers.com becomes the property of lovesleftovers.com but the guest blogger maintains the byline.
Guest bloggers may include a short blurb about themselves and/or their website or blog after their post. The blurb can be 1 or 2 sentences long and may include a link to guest blogger’s blog or website.
lovesleftovers.com reserves the right to decline publication of any article, post, or comment deemed to be inappropriate.

Please submit the form below. Thanks so much for taking the time to submit a post! Happy blogging!

And finally: Please, Please, Please, If you mention my blog or a blog post in your own writing I simply ask that you include a link back to my blog. It takes me time to write, edit, post and answer comments and would greatly appreciate the recognition. I have seen my blog mentioned many times in other writings and many times these mentions do not include one single link back to my blog. That, in my opinion, is just about as bad as plagiarism and that’s a no-no in my book. It’s unfair to me as a writer. So if you like it and mention it in writing please give me the proper credit. Thanks!

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